Our Vision

Our Vision

The common thread that directs our Church is the vision that God has given us. It is printed everywhere for you to see and it is not only merely words,but it is the determining factor for every step we take and every decision we make at Element Church.

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained,
But happy is he who keeps the law. Proverbs 29:18 (NASB)

Our Vision: To lead people to Discover Truth, Experience Community, and Love People.

Discover Truth : Element is a place where we value God’s truth about who He is and who we are. God’s truth is revealed to us through His Word, His Spirit, and His people.

Experience Community : We are designed to experience life together. We should meet each others needs, grow together, and love the world around us.

Love People : Love is something that God gives us to experience and to share. We show love to others by meeting their needs.

Element Church Core Values

Our core values answer the question of why we do things the way we do at Element Church. The core values empower our staff and volunteers to make decisions while ensuring sideways energy and alternate agendas are not created.

Core Values:

We Are One – Element is built on the vision God has given us through our Pastor. We bow to Jesus and not the personal preferences of those around us. We will defend our unity and that vision.

We Are Known for The Gospel – We are for the Gospel, the life changing message of Jesus Christ, we will tell His story for His Glory and we will not use our platform to condemn.

We Give Generously – Our staff and church will go above and beyond to give in the same spirit that Jesus gives to us, Generously!

We Strive for Excellence – Excellence isn’t a value it is a necessity. Everything that we do MUST be done at the highest level possible.

We Swing For The Fence – What we have experienced can only be explained by the power of God. We will set lofty goals. We will have audacious faith.

We Are Letting Go - Element is fueled by volunteers. We will empower people for their ministry, not just recruit them to ours.