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Upside Down Kingdom Series

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Upside Down Kingdom Series

In one way or another we all have had times where we wanted to build our own kingdom. The kingdoms that we try to build are centered around our personal desires, dreams, needs, and circumstances. It’s human nature to look at the world with a perspective that it was created for our benefit—where we look at the world as a means to fulfill our desires. With that being said, selfishness is innate.

Yet, imagine what life could be like if we began to look at the world as God’s vacation home. He lets us stay for a little while until he is ready to rent it out again, sending us safe travels home where he awaits. Building God’s kingdom has everything to do with those that come after us—it’s not all about what is best for us. We are not promised tomorrow, but there is going to be those that come after us until Jesus comes back to earth. Do you really want to leave God’s home dirty, unclean, used, and unprepared for future travelers?

It is hard to look at what is better for other people. No one wants to sacrifice their happiness in order to give someone else the benefits. No one wants to work 40 hours a week and their paycheck goes to someone else. Living in this world can be exhausting. I struggle with this attiude daily. Jealousy is a green-eyed monster—and I easily get caught up in its hold. Why don’t I look like her? Why can’t I have a house like he does? Why does it seem like everyone likes him/her more than me? These kind of questions are natural; everyone can admit to having feelings such as these at one point in their lives. If only there was a way we could change our perspective…God never promises us another day, but he promises eternal life. He never promises life will be easy, but he promises to be there every step of the way. He never promises us overarching success and prosperity, but he promises us a place in his kingdom above. When the rewards outweigh the risk, why wouldn’t we risk it all? If one person could experience God’s kingdom by our actions, why wouldn’t we do everything we could to help them along the path?

In this next series, we will be learning from the best teacher this world has ever known. Parables of Jesus have been studied for years, and we will be looking at one each week in order to equip ourselves to build God’s kingdom here on earth. Jesus gave us his job when he arose from the dead. He even said greater works would occur through the body of Christ—we just have to be willing to risk it all.