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Survivor Series Week 1

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Survivor Series Week 1

When I think about what makes a person a “survivor,” the first image that comes to mind is that of rising above a struggle; a person that overcomes the anguish that accompanies the challenges placed in their lives. The game of Survivor is won by the individual who possesses certain traits and/or strengths, mental and physical. Life as a follower of Christ similarly contains physical, psychological, and emotional challenges. To survive, overcome, persevere, conquer these challenges, one must understand the strengths that abounds in us through the Holy Spirit. Throughout this series we will be looking at key strengths that Christ has given us that will equip us when facing the abundant challenges of the game of life.

All games have an end goal: to win. Winning requires sacrifice, but also requires teamwork. As believers, our end goal isn’t winning a spot in heaven, but rather sharing that spot with the lost world around us. The ultimate goal is to ensure that people have heard the gospel and are overwhelmingly changed. However, it becomes an individual “game,” for lack of a better term, in the end. Believers must work together to spread the gospel to the world, but it is up to the individuals to make the choice to follow Christ. Much like in Survivor, tribes battle tribes until it becomes an individual game.

To prepare us to face the challenges in life, we need the strengths that only Jesus can provide. This first week we will be looking at communication, which is something that we all use daily. Communication is such a major aspect of life, that its only appropriate that we learn from the master—Jesus. Communication is key to building relationships, maintaining relationships, and ensuring the team is working together. As believers, this skill is essential to spreading the gospel, but it is also imperative in furthering individual spiritual relationships with God.

This week is going to be the foundation of the series. Humans were created to be social beings; we thrive together. The saying “communication is key” is more accurate than we like to believe; not only can we use this week’s sermon in our spiritual and personal lives, we can use it to foster a positive church family—one that becomes bigger and bigger every week. One that encourages, maintains, develops, and improves each other with the guidance of the Father.

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