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Survivor Series 3

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Survivor Series 3

A survivor is one who copes well with the difficulties in life. They are the ones who remain when everyone else has fallen away. If we look at our own lives, we can see that Jesus is the ultimate survivor. He is the one that remains when everyone else has fallen away.

Throughout this series I reflected a lot on a big part of my testimony as a follower of Christ. There was a point in my life, not too long ago, that I faced big changes and huge adversity. Going into the decision to choose a college, I had my eyes set on the university that I had dreamed of for years. Everything I had done in my school career was done in hopes of getting into Clemson University. I didn’t pray about college. I just figured that since I got in, and it was what I really wanted, that it is what God wanted for me too. Looking back now, I see that there were many signs/messages from God that it was not what he had in store for me.

Once I got to Clemson, I immediately felt overwhelmed with feelings that I didn’t belong there. I wasn’t ever a “typical” teenager—the one that likes to go out with friends and “party.” My best friend of seven years became my roommate, and soon became someone who barely spoke to me. Because I didn’t want to party along with everyone else, I became the “Jesus freak” and the “Bible thumper” on my hall. I became unwanted, ignored, overlooked, and insignificant. I had never experienced that feeling before in my life.

I was saved before college, but I didn’t really have the relationship with God that I soon discovered. When push came to shove, Jesus was the only one I had left. I depended on Him for strength, for courage, for hope, and for love. I remember when the hatred and unwelcome atmosphere became too much to handle, I sat on the floor of my dorm and cried to God that I couldn’t handle life on my own anymore. I realized really soon that I needed him to uphold me more than I liked to admit. I couldn’t continue relying on myself, or even my family, to get me through it.

Once I fully surrendered my life to God, I focused more on his unrelenting love than the hatred I felt. I listened to his voice telling me he chose me when I felt unwanted. I prayed to him when I felt alone. Jesus is the one that remained when everyone else had fallen away.

Jesus is the ultimate survivor. He was raised from the dead, and he continues to remain in our lives each and every day. The qualities and tools we have learned throughout this series has allowed us to listen to his small voice in the loud sea of worldly opinion. We can have hope that in the end we will be survivors—the ones who remain in heaven when everyone else has fallen away.

It is now our responsibility to share these skills with the world around us. We are called to spread the love of the one true God. The one who chooses us. The one who loves us. The one who died for us. The one who desires us. It is now our calling to ensure that this lost world becomes found in the hope and love of Jesus. That we all survive long enough to reach the pearly gates of Heaven and enter the kingdom where our loving father awaits. What a day that will be!